Project Description

Currently, 44 million people worldwide are suffering from Alzheimer’s and 10 million from Parkinson’s disease. This is not a small problem. As medicine gets better and people get older, it’s the brain diseases that matter. So, the big challenge for doctors of our generation is the early detection and better treatment of neurological diseases in an aging society. The neurological examination of eye movements is central in this process. However, in hospitals eye movements are examined only for a few seconds and also in an artificial environment under specific conditions. In other words: these examinations only allow a small window of analysis. That is why we are creating a tool that measures eye movements for 24 hours: the long-term EOG Smartpatch. This patch uses two electrodes to measure electric potentials representing eye movements and sends the data via smartphone to a server for storage and analysis.
We are confident that there is a huge potential to improve diagnosis of neurological disease with this simple, cheap, and non-invasive device. With the help of data from our device, we will create an algorithm which will find a pattern between healthy and unhealthy eye movements. To do this we have assembled a team of doctors, scientists, engineers and business experts. Our next steps: validating our data in clinical trials and proceeding with the CE certification process before making it available in the medical industry.

Dr. Felix Bernhard

Dr. Friedemann Bunjes

Kalpana Rani Manjre Gajendra

Dr. Holger Hengel

Prateek Mahalwar

Kanghyun Yu

Dr. Christoph Zrenner