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Have you ever envisioned a world free of pain? Chronic pain is a global concern with a worldwide prevalence of nearly 40%. It is estimated that a fifth of all people suffering from chronic pain have neuropathic pain. Chronic neuropathic pain is very difficult to manage with existing therapies. Satisfactory pain relief is not possible – even with the most advanced multimodal treatments, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, psychological and psychiatric assistance along with medication.

Patients who do not respond to such therapies are selected for invasive neuromodulative treatment as the last resort. Neuromodulation through the electrical stimulation of the spinal cord is the most popular invasive technology to treat chronic neuropathic pain. However, only 50% of the patients receive satisfactory pain relief from such neuromodulation of the spinal cord.

We believe our world can be free of pain and therefore, we propose a novel neurostimulation technology. We innovate and develop an implant to treat chronic neuropathic pain. This novel neurostimulation technology will bring light to the patients suffering from chronic neuropathic pain, by providing pain relief at a lower production cost. Compared to all available invasive options for pain relief currently available we will provide a longer lasting, more reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective implantable system. Our system will become the new last resort treatment for chronic neuropathic pain and bring hope to a quarter billion people worldwide. We are PainSol surgical implants and we envision a pain free world.

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Bankim Chander