4 Events in 4 Months is a series from the MedTech Startup School for all founders, entrepreneurs and people interested in startups. Besides great speakers and awesome social events, there is a lot of room for networking. After the first two events, we have a little recap for you.

„Barbecue and Lean Startup“

It was the start of our series and we were happy that the last warm sunrays in September allowed us to have a great evening outside. With hot food from the grill and cold beer we had some great conversations and the possibility to exchange ideas and experiences. Later that night, Prof. Dr. Nils Högsdal, who is not only a serial entrepreneur, investor and Vice Rector for Innovation at the Stuttgart Media University, but also an entertaining and engaging speaker, gave his talk about the „Lean Startup in the age of exponential growth“. He explained how the principle of exponential growth is a big chance for startups to „fly under the radar“ of the big players until they grow big. We ended the night with a tour through the rooms of the coworking and innovation space, here at Ob dem Himmelreich 7.

Here are some impressions


„Deep Learning and Coffee Tasting“

Our second event was also a real highlight and drew many new people into our rooms. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gross from MathWorks came together with his colleagues and specialists on artificial intelligence and deep learning Jérémy Huard and Jon Cherrie. Mr. Huard lectured about the many different possibilities that deep learning opens for tasks like image recognition and signal processing and how they can be easily deployed with the help of MATLAB software. Mr. Gross explained how startups and students can profit from the special offers that MathWorks has for Accelerator and Startup Programs. If you are interested, you can write us and we will get you in contact with them.

The second part was totally dedicated to the pleasures of coffee. Thorsten Buss from Beans on Fire, who is a local coffee brewbar and roastery specialist, told the guests about the different methods of hand filters and on what to observe to obtain the perfect coffee at home. Of course everyone could try as much coffee as they wanted. The guests also had the chance to deploy some of the hand filter methods and our amazing La Cimballi espresso machine. As always, the best connections were made with a good cup of coffee.

Speaking of good coffee, you can always visit us at Ob dem Himmelreich 7 and have a cup with us…

Here you can see some more impressions


If you missed our first two events or you enjoyed them and you want to join the next ones as well, you can still register for the remaining two:

  • Gamification Day on November 15th (apply here!)
  • Christmas Party and Startup Stories with Adrian Thoma from Pioniergeist on December 18th (apply here!)

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