4 Events in 4 Months is a series from the MedTech Startup School for all founders, entrepreneurs and people interested in startups. We were happy to host the first Gamification Day in Tübingen in November 2019! But why did we choose gamification as a topic?


We start playing at a very young age and it’s through playing that we learn many things as children and youth. When we get older we are told to be serious and to take responsibility which is important and good. Still we should not forget about the power of play and games. Since 2010, the term “Gamification” has become more and more popular and gained a lot of attention. The idea is to use game-design elements in a professional context like education, marketing and even healthcare. By creating a playful environment, the motivation and engagement of the users or customers should be enhanced.

Today there are many companies and startups utilizing gamification. To provide more insights and to give some of them a platform, we organized the first Gamification Day at the MedTech Startup School. Our expert on the topic was Jonas Paulus, who founded the startup ludicbrain that is helping other companies to integrate and use gamification and serious games. He gave an insightful talk on how to use gamification and explained various forms to the guests.

Startups using Gamification

Three startups from the region shared their ideas and how they integrated game-elements in their products.

Ambigate is a successful spin-off from the university of Tübingen that was founded by Stephan Dabels. They provide motion sensing solutions against back pain. After their talk the guests had the opportunity to try out the ambicoach and do the playful exercises on their own.






Logoleon is a young startup with the mission to make logopaedic early support fun for kids. Therefore, they created an app and a book to make speech training playful for children.






Philipp Zajac is the founder of Rehago and also an alumni of the MedTech Startup School. He introduced their solution, which is a virtual reality training to support the rehabilitation process. The exercises are easy to understand and fun to play with VR glasses.






The participants had a lot of time to talk with the founders and to try out their products and devices. Our Gamification Day really transported the message: gaming and fun can be real boosters for motivation and engagement.

Here are some more impressions


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