Application for the MedTech Startup School 2020

Apply for the Basic Module: “Grundlagen für den Start in die Selbständigkeit” (in German)

This module is open for everyone interested in founding regardless of their professional background. The courses will take place on seven Thursdays, beginning on 30. April from 2.30 – 5.00 pm and will be online and remote until further notice. Here you can find the full curriculum.

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Apply for the Advanced Module: “Build your own Life Science Startup” (in English)
This module is dedicated especially to people with a specific idea or project and a strong interest in the field of life sciences. During the sessions highly qualified experts will help you to build your own Life Science Startup. The workshops will start in November and will usually take place on Wednesdays at 4.00 pm (you can find the exact dates in our curriulum). If you finish the module succesfully you can join the Expert Module with your project as well.

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Expert Module: “Push your Startup to the next Level” (in English)
During those 10 days, coaches and experts will work with you on the most important issues of your startup project. 

The program is open for teams or individuals with a specific idea or (research) project within the broader context of the life sciences. Our highly qualified experts will support you to work on your own life science startup and prepare you to become “pitch-ready” for contests and investors. 

In several hands-on workshops, you will learn everything from practical pitch training to in depth finance management, developing your prototype, getting in touch with potential mentors etc.

Please send us your ideas and we will invite you for a short interview via Skype or in Tübingen. In order to attend you will have to hand in several milestones:

– A Business Model Canvas of your project
– 20 Customer Interviews
– A Project Plan and (if applicable) a Certification Plan

Our schedule*

time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

content: high-class teaching and hands-on workshops with individual coaching.

location:  Ob dem Himmelreich 7, 72074 Tübingen.

Monday,        02.03.         Pitches & Pitch Training

Tuesday,        03.03.         Market Access Strategy & Business Model Validation

Wednesday,   04.03.        Finance Planning and Finance Management

Thursday,      05.03.         Mentor Speeddating

Friday,           06.03.         „Prototyping Day“ – Industry Immersion

Saturday,       07.03.         Certification & Regulatory Workshop

Sunday,          08.03.        Day off

Monday,         09.03.        Legal Day (Property rights, company law, etc.)

Tuesday,         10.03.        Pitchtraining II

Wednesday,    11.03.        Finance Planning II & Venture Capital

Thursday,        12.03.       Mentor Pitches

*some details might be changed

Application is closed