In these challenging times, we believe that bold and creative entrepreneurs can help find solutions for many of the world’s problems. Right before Corona, we were able to finish the MedTech Startup School semester with our Expert Module.

We are grateful for the opportunity to welcome all kind of founders and entrepreneurs in our Coworking and Innovation Space. Many students attended the Basic Module to gain some insights into founding and to learn how to transform their idea into a business model.

In our Advanced Module we had some great teams who already brought in their own idea. For example, the team “Smart Probiotics” worked on a solution for lactose-intolerant people, while “GraphMed” plans to develop a hospital information system to enhance the use of medical data. Other teams were addressing challenges like diagnostics with AI, the matching of medical trials and solutions for home care.

Those teams willing to reach the next level joined the Expert Module and were accompanied by some more startups that enriched us with their experience. We are always amazed by the great founders and their brilliant ideas. These startups developed solutions such as a platform technology for finding new vaccines (“Prime Vector Technologies), a remote test for retina diseases (“eye2you”), a documentation and translation devices for healthcare (“Homecare Translator”), a cooling system for reanimation patients (“Medical Cooling”) and many more…

Here are some more impressions from our Expert Module


Congratulations to all the teams who successfully completed our three modules and thanks to all the great speakers, mentors and experts!

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