Project Description

Suffering a stroke is a great misfortune. In Germany, there are 270,000 stroke patients every year. 100,000 of those die. That makes strokes the third most common cause of death in Germany. One major problem is that the patient has to be treated within a timeframe of 4½ hours. Every moment is important to save the brain of the stroke patient.
Until the stroke has been noticed, the ambulance is called and the patient is taken to the hospital, a lot of time passes. Now the hospital staff has to hurry: The patient has to be admitted and contraindications have to be excluded by making a CT scan and blood tests, until the patient can receive the life-saving therapy.

Stroke Pad - Graphik

Our team consists of Jonas Auer, as a Software Engineer, Johannes Hartmann as a Medical Informatician and Dr. Sven Poli as the stroke expert. We have also teamed up with other outstanding medical experts, because we believe that this is a tremendously issue that needs to be solved.
Together we discovered that huge amounts of that highly critical time is practically wasted by not being able to prepare for the incoming emergency. Too many questions have to be asked after the patient arrived. Questions that could be answered much earlier, allowing the hospital staff to prepare for the soon arriving patient.

We worked out a set of information, which can be easily collected and quickly performable tests that are especially suited for being executed by emergency physicians on the way to the hospital in a matter of minutes.
We’re developing a software solution that allows to collect all those relevant information and send it right to the emergency room at the hospital. We provide right on-spot questions that we specially developed together with medical experts of each division, combined with an easy and fast to use user interface.

Jonas Auer

Johannes Hartmann