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Movies for Mice (and people) by Striata Technologies Becoming blind is a devastating fate. Luckily, today researchers are developing new treatments for blindness. This research is done mostly with mice which have the same types of blindness that can be found in humans. In order to help with this research we have developed a virtual [...]

Smart TMS Coil


The human brain is an incredibly powerful organ: it defines who we are, our personality, our interaction with the external world and the way we perceive our surroundings. Although on the macro scale, the human brain appears to be uniform, the picture is completely different at the micro scale. Vast connections of neurons, which form [...]



Computer aided measurement devices are state of the art in modern laboratories. These devices get more and more complicated, increasing the need for innovative and more user friendly control software. Developing this software is specific to each device. One would expect that nowadays components exist that take away most of the developers’ work or at [...]



We are building a personal lifeguard for people with epilepsy. EpiLog is a wristband for all people with epilepsy and their relatives, who are in constant fear of being alone during a seizure. It is the first lifestyle-designed wearable for daily monitoring of epileptic seizures aimed to increase the quality of life for people suffering [...]

EOG Smartpatch


Currently, 44 million people worldwide are suffering from Alzheimer’s and 10 million from Parkinson’s disease. This is not a small problem. As medicine gets better and people get older, it’s the brain diseases that matter. So, the big challenge for doctors of our generation is the early detection and better treatment of neurological diseases in [...]