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Kicking off our 2016 batch


Old captains, new crew. More than 40 new fellows attended our onboarding event on Saturday. By explaining everything from lean Monday to the big picture we made sure that everyone is ready to face the challenge. Now let’s steer the course and explore new horizons together!

Kicking off our 2016 batch2016-11-16T22:14:08+01:00

Announcing the new participants


It must have felt like sitting under the Christmas Tree and desperately waiting for Santa to bring your presents... only that it is 25 degrees outside and you don’t believe in miracles but in hard-hitting facts. Finally, you are released from waiting, the list of the participants is set.

Announcing the new participants2016-06-14T11:24:02+02:00

What became of … STRIATA?


STRIATA TECHNOLOGIES make movies for mice. Their blockbuster is called OptoDrum and sells very well across the globe. In the interview Thomas Münch tells us where his startup will be in one year from now.

What became of … STRIATA?2016-11-16T22:14:08+01:00

6 Reasons Why You Should Apply For MedTech Startup School 2016


Am I getting that right? You are still not convinced to apply for the MedTech Startup School 2016 in Tübingen? Why are you hesitating? To clarify all of your doubts and to set the record straight, we compiled six + one reasons why you should apply RIGHT NOW!   1. You will be enabled to bring your [...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Apply For MedTech Startup School 20162016-04-20T11:54:34+02:00

Apply for 2016!


Application is open since mid-February. If you hesitated to apply so far because of missing key data, here you are: a piece of brand-new, first-hand and profound information.

Apply for 2016!2016-11-16T22:14:09+01:00

What became of … PAINSOL?


“We want to make an impact on the world we live in.” For sure everyone of us has a dream like this once in a while. However, Marcos Fortunato and Bankim Chander from PAINSOL have an actual three-year plan to achieve that. So let’s have a look at the base of a big idea!

What became of … PAINSOL?2016-11-16T22:14:09+01:00

What became of … EPILOG?


EPILOG has become MONIKIT. New name, larger team, full-time job: These guys did not spend their time idly since the MedTech Summer School 2015 has come to an end. Kevin Klett is one of the founders. In our interview he talks about the latest news and the next milestones.

What became of … EPILOG?2016-11-16T22:14:09+01:00

In the news


We are proud to announce that BioMedTech Regional published an article about our Open MedTech Innovation Day 2016 in their latest edition.

In the news2016-11-16T22:14:10+01:00

Open MedTech Innovation Day 2016


„Everyone who wants to change the world is welcome!” 49 entrepreneurial thrillseekers followed this warm invitation of the Medical Innovations Foundation, the University of Tübingen and the University Hospital Tübingen. The Open MedTech Innovation Day offered a foretaste of what is to come in our 2016 batch.

Open MedTech Innovation Day 20162016-04-19T20:49:29+02:00

Application for Summer 2016 batch is open now!


You’ve got that brilliant idea but no team to support you? You’ve got that brilliant team and a thousand ideas? You haven’t got a team and even more no idea? Well, as long as you are motivated, willing to work hard and eager to build your own company you should give it a try!

Application for Summer 2016 batch is open now!2016-11-16T22:14:10+01:00