Project Description

Computer aided measurement devices are state of the art in modern laboratories. These devices get more and more complicated, increasing the need for innovative and more user friendly control software. Developing this software is specific to each device. One would expect that nowadays components exist that take away most of the developers’ work or at least make their life easier. In reality, software generation and system integration is done on a very complex level with self-developed programming solutions.

The proposed solution of the software “Excalibur” solves those matters and gives to device developers a toolbox of simple combinable components for building device control software easily and flexibly. To achieve this, a modular concept is used for device communication, logical connection and data management, in which recorded data is not just stored but also re-fed as input to the logical process to then trigger different scenarios.
Other competitors either use their own, specific and non-standardized solutions or perform automation in a very large scale, e.g. for whole laboratories. Excalibur, on the other hand, is a unique product fitting the whole market of system integration. The Excalibur software wants to help system integrators to do their job faster, more efficiently and without the loss of flexibility. It aims to shorten the time-to-market for device producers, so that devices can be built in a shorter time.

Dominik Furin