Project Description


We make digital tools for dentists.
Why, you ask? On average, medical practices spend over a hundred working days on resolving administrative issues each year. Doctors and dentists find a lot of their time consumed in administrative procedures instead of practicing their actual profession.
This need not be the case. Qdento are producing tools that automate. Qdento is a web-based application which a substantial number of the administrative tasks required to run a dental practice. By digitalising most aspects of a dental practice, Qdento makes it more efficient so the dentist can invest more of their working time in their patients.
Qdento is a digital tool that provides a very fast and efficient way to store and access patients’ data, which makes dentists’ life easier in a number of ways. With a single click the dentist can access:

  • their patient’s dental chart,
  • information on the most recent procedures performed and their patient’s recovery,
  • details on each individual tooth, including history of procedures done on it,
  • X-ray images,
  • the patient’s insurance data – with the insurance compliance provided by Qdento, the dentist’s paperwork will be greatly reduced. Once the patient’s data is entered on Qdento, a number of insurance documents are automatically updated with the new data, eliminating the need for re-entering the information manually on different forms,
  • any other information the dentist might want to store.

Also, being a cloud-based tool, the whole practice can be connected via Qdento making secure data access easy from anywhere within the practice.
In order to design and develop Qdento, we have extensively consulted dentists across three countries. They have all shown significant support and enthusiasm about our product since they finally have a digital tool that is tailor-made to suit their needs.

Qdento has been co-founded by Aneet Sandhu and Pavel Sofroniev. Christoph Zieker, Diana Sofronieva, Kiran Sandhu, Stefan Marinov are part of the team as well.

Aneet Sandhu

Pavel Sofroniev