Project Description


Our Challenge

Seven people out of ten are sent home with a treatment for seizures control. Wrong medication or wrong dosage could induce intolerable adverse effects both early and later after initiation. Today the home monitoring of epileptic patients relays on the personal interpretation of an occurring epileptic attack by a family member that will then annotate the event in a diary to bring to the next appointment with the clinician. Because today the family diary is the only way to have a long term monitoring of the effectiveness of a treatment in epilepsy patients, the majority of people will continue to be exposed to the same therapy for long periods of time. Wrong treatment and especially dose-related side effects, potentially undetected in treated patients, can cause neurodevelopmental defect in children and depression leading to suicide in adults.

Our Solution

Our solution is an inconspicuous subcutaneous implant, which allows clinicians a continuous long-term access to their patient’s brain activity. It provides qualitative medical data without physical and emotional distress to people. Long term EEG monitoring is a useful tool for capturing irregular brain activity and seizures frequency (even the one without any visible symptoms) in people under treatment for epilepsy to faster the identification of the best-personalized therapeutic approach to archive higher results with the minimal dose-dependent side effects.

Our Pitch

Our Team

Our team consists of a neurologist, a neurobiologist and a biomedical engineer from the University of Tübingen and the University Hospital Tübingen. With this interdisciplinary team and the support of the clinicians, we intend to bring our product to the market as an innovative solution in epilepsy management.

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