Project Description


Our Challenge

Every year 15 million people suffer a stroke worldwide. 80% of them are partially paralyzed. Patients immediately have to start with full time rehabilitation. However, they just get around 30 minutes of rehabilitation training with an ergo- or physiotherapist per day. This is not sufficient training for good rehabilitation results. Furthermore, doctors can only prescribe exercises like mirror therapy. These are outdated therapies that are really boring and hardly motivating.

Our Solution

Rehality aims to give the patients the ability to train as long as they want in a playful virtual environment. Instead of mindlessly moving their arm in front of a mirror they can play tennis or other games they are interested in. The usage is simple. They just need to put on the virtual reality glasses and start the game. They do not need further help from nurses. The exercises adapt to their motor ability level. This is possible by measuring bio signals to determine if the patient is concentrated on his or her paralyzed limb. This way we can give them appropriate feedback. In conclusion we achieve faster healing of the brain, shorter rehabilitation times and reduce the financial burden of health insurances, companies and the government.

Our Pitch

Our Team

We have an engaged interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, a physicist, a sport scientist and psychologist. Additionally, we have access to advisers in medicine and stroke rehabilitation to optimise our Virtual Reality application.

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