We invite you to join our 4th MedTech Demo Day in Tübingen on October 15th. Experience pitches of promising medtech projects initiated and presented by high potential teams of the MedTech Startup School 2018! They might change the healthcare industry as we now it.


MedTech Demo Day: Join us to shape the future of healthcare!


Our 4th MedTech Demo Day will be on Monday, 15th October 2018, starting at 2:30 PM. It once more takes place at the beautiful location of the Bootshaus am Neckar in Tübingen. As places are very limited please note that entrance requires registration: www.startupschool-tuebingen.com/register


What can I expect from the MedTech Demo Day?

The MedTech Demo Day signifies the “end of the beginning”: After 100 days of continuously adapting and changing the different elements necessary to develop a validated and successful business model, prospective startups describe the development from their often research-driven idea into a viable business case. Their stories are enlightening and surprising and hope to inspire the audience to further support and connect with the team.


The Program

2:30 pm Reception

3:00 pm Welcome and Highlights of 100 Days of Healthcare Innovation

3:15 pm Keynote

3:30 pm Startup Presentations

5:00 pm Get together & Fingerfood

6:00 pm Award Ceremony


Impressions MedTech Demo Day 2017

MedTech Demo Day 2017 (1)
MedTech Demo Day 2017 (2)
MedTech Demo Day 2017 (3)
MedTech Demo Day 2017 (5)
MedTech Demo Day 2017 (6)
MedTech Demo Day 2017 (4)
MedTech Demo Day 2017 (7)
MedTech Demo Day 2017 (8)
MedTech Demo Day 2017 (9)
MedTech Demo Day 2017 (10)


Who can register for the MedTech Demo Day?

On 15th October our 2018 class will present their projects in public for the first time. Of course, we want them to have the best possible start. Therefore we welcome everybody who is willing and able to provide them some kind of support. Furthermore, we are looking forward to strengthening and broadening our network. Hence, both established and potential partners from healthcare and industry, startup experts and mentors, and, of course, investors are welcome.


What is the story behind the MedTech Demo Day?

Medical advances have enabled fantastic new diagnostic and therapeutic posibilities. Yet, innovations are still nowhere more needed and more important than in healthcare. The Medical Innovations Foundation and the University of Tübingen bring together doctors, scientists and business people in the MedTech Startup School. In 100 intensive days they build the innovations that doctors need and that will shape medicine. On the MedTech Demo Day you get an exclusive preview of their projects and the chance to get to know the founders.


Who are the organizers of the MedTech Demo Day?

The MedTech Demo Day is organized by the BioRegio STERN Management GmbH and the MedTech Startup School. The latter is a cooperation project of the University of Tübingen and the Stiftung für Medizininnovationen. The organizers receive funding from the ifex of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg as well as from the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg, which is supported by the ESF. Furthermore, we are grateful for our sponsors NOVATEC, BIOPRO BW GmbH, Kreissparkasse Tübingen and leitbild media.


Would you like to join our 4th MedTech Demo Day? Please register here: www.startupschool-tuebingen.com/register