The local newspaper Reutlinger General-Anzeiger accompanies one of our teams through the MedTech Startup School. The journalist Ines Stöhr visits milestones of our current program and publishes a series of articles on the development of the team “Back in the Game“. In the first article she presents the project and the team.

Innovation: At the MedTech Startup School, the team “Back in the Game” is working on an App to fight Depressions

Tübingen: “We have to work more on our pitch” says Jonas Paulus, summarizing the experience from the Funding Program Day. “Shooting a video, providing a case study, and a prototype.”. The business psychologist, being part of a team of six, partakes in the MedTech Startup school in Tubingen, which teaches its participants everything there is to know to successfully found a business in one hundred days. After three months, the participants ought to provide a sustainable business model and a prototype. The teams were introduced to different kinds of start-up financing, which were concretized in individual counseling sessions on Monday. With the project “Back in the Game Therapy”, Jonas Paulus, psychologist Philipp Schröder, Vivian Sönksen (Business Student), Katharina Stegen (Neurobiologist), and Maria Spohr (Rhetoric and Media Student) plan to develop a cellphone-compatible Game with which one can battle symptoms of depression. The game shall be fun and, at the same time, be scientific and accessible to the public. Support is offered by Professor Christian Plewnia, psychiatrist and psychotherapist at University Hospital Tubingen. The GEA accompanies the team with a short series of articles on its way to a business model.

Philipp Schröder, Vivian Sönksen, Maria Spohr and Jonas Paulus from Back in the Game

Game shall bridge waiting period

Agenda of the idea: There are too little therapy accommodations for people suffering from depression in Germany. The few that exist are in high demand, which is why those suffering from depression have to wait months before being treated. However, if depression goes untreated the condition worsens over time. The game should bridge the time until treatment and between the counselling sessions while, at the same time, if possible, lessen the symptoms and preventing a relapse after treatment is completed. Depression paralyzes, knows Vivian Sönke from her own experience. “People affected by depression find it hard to combat their condition.” says Vivian. Thus, the game shall be activated via an App without great effort and, in the best-case scenario, motivate the user to undergo farther activities. During the presentation of the startup projects, Vivian was immediately stunned by the project presented by Philipp Schröder and Katharina Steger and joined their team. “I could have needed that too.” says Vivian. As Gamer, Jonas Paulus was immediately attracted to the idea and Maria Spohr fitted as a “creative cross-overthinker and artist with words” -own job description- as well. The 24-year-old makes other people comprehend the venture. Professor Plewnia is the ideal partner as far as short case studies for the game are concerned, said Philip Schröder, who received his PhD in Neuropsychology & interventional Neuropsychiatry. Current Apps combating depression lack scientific approval and affectability. “Which is why Doctors and healthcare insurers do not take them seriously”, knows Maria Spohr. A programmer is the only thing the highly-motivated team lacks.


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