“Pitch, convince and win!“ is a vital concept for a successful start to your company. Sounds quite easy, but without practice you won’t have a chance. After an intense pitch training our participants were well-briefed. Now you know what you want so go get it!

How to do an Elevator Pitch

Your boss pops into the elevator. It’s you and him. You’ve got that incredible idea on your mind and he’s got those 3 precious minutes without mobile reception. What do you say?

A. “I’ve got that incredible idea!” – Nice try, your boss starts thinking about the other 10 brilliant ideas he’s going to receive within the next hour.
B. “I’ve got an awesome team!” – Thank you, now your boss wallows in memories of last year’s nice hosts in the Tenerife holiday resort.
C. “I’ve got an outstanding product to develop!” – Are you Steve Jobs or what?

Last Saturday Johannes Ellenberg from Accelerate Stuttgart taught us how to succeed in an elevator pitch: Gain attention, interest, desire and finally call to action! This magic formula is what we’ve practiced during the weekend. It’s going to help us to prevail in our numerous upcoming pitches.

Here is a summary of the tips Johannes shared with us:

And now see what the participants think of the concept after only half an hour of training:

Pitch Training

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© photos by Eva Oswald